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Great speakers are almost as important as stable Wi-Fi and good food. And we do have them for you! More speakers will be announced through July and August.

Polle de Maagt

Prime Minister at Ministry of World Domination

I am Polle de Maagt and I change companies to be less about ads and more about acts.

Mick Griffin

Chief Revenue Officer at Brand24

Mick has over 10 years experience in building and maintaining business development strategies — now building it in Brand24.

Pavlína Louženská

Delivering happiness at Zoot

Delivering happiness in Zoot. Fashion lover and social media unicorn hunter.

Eliška Vyhnánková

Social media consultant and trainer

Eliška is one of the top independent social media consultants in Czech Republic.

Nathalie Chemayel

Creative Social Media Human at 2Fresh

Nathalie takes care of the presence of brands on social media at 2FRESH.

Tanya Quintieri

Founder at The Translators

Tanya is the founder of The Translators and president of an association for freelance translators and interpreters.

Raffael Heiss

Social Media & Politics Researcher, AdME/University of Vienna

Raffael is member of the Advertising and Media Effects (AdME) Research Group at the University of Vienna.

Jakub Holý

co-founder Street Light Production

Ex PR/Marketing manager PlayStation, co-author of the best selling book about YouTubers, co-founder of marketing company Street Light Production.

Dominika Vašová

Social Media & Digital Strategist @ Triad Advertising

Dominika loves simple ideas and loves using these to create and develop meaningful and spot-on brand identity and communication strategy for brands in digital.

Iva Soldo

co-founder & CMO at Bamboo Lab

Iva is a Snapchat marketing professional, founder of the first SnapUp in Croatia and the co-founder of digital marketing agency Bamboo Lab.

Julian Hillebrand

Product manager at Convidera and Author

Julian is keen to talk about data driven decision and convince you about the importance of it!

Petr Pouchlý

Capt’n of free company Court of Moravia

Making company life as well as whole brand more playful.

Pawel Tkaczyk

CEO @ MIDEA branding agency

Paweł belongs to Poland favourite marketing influencers, he wrote two books and now he's going international with the third!

Monika Czaplicka

CEO @ Wobuzz

Monika runs her own agency Wobuzz and is an author of a book "How to deal with crisis in social media".

Tomáš Javůrek

Campaign strategist @ Business Factory

From pages of festivals towards biggest Czech Facebook spenders - Tomáš knows a lot about FB and is not afraid to share it.

Tomáš Havlík

PPC specialist @ Business Factory

Tomáš knows a lot about PPC and he specializes in mobile apps promoting worldwide.

About the Event

We are back and we want you to join us to enjoy the most useful and fun social media meet-up of 2016 in Central Europe.

For the first time in Prague we promise not to bore you with stuff you have heard way too many times. Nor with talking about Ferrari when we want to learn how to do it for your average Joe kind of clients.

Babel Camp is back with its 4th edition. Better, bigger and in a new stunning location in Prague. We have created the conference with the goal to bring together people who have a real life hands-on experience with social media from all different perspectives. We believe social media might really mean a revolution: the new way of communication. This goes far beyond the marketing and fishing for likes.

We want you to have fun, enjoy the networking, learn useful information you can start using right now. It will take place in a unique theater environment with plenty of extra activities and workshops. We do this because we like it. We know how it feels to listen to stuff you already heard thousand times and we promise not to bore you. The price should not be a hurdle for anyone — and we believe that what you invest will pay off. Afterparty, cool catering and a chance to network internationally of course included. All this because our DIY style of doing things and thanks to awesome sponsors sharing our views.

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Jatka 78 is a fresh & hip location used primarily as a theatre. Located next to Holešovická tržince it offers a stunning location.

From the first moment we saw it, we knew it: Babel Camp 2016 should take place here. There will be the main hall — but there will be also a lot of space for other activities and networking in the foyer (where also the after party takes place).

The workshops will be held in Paper Hub, Dělnická 43, Prague. PaperHub is part of Paralelní polis, located very near (5 min walk, one stop by tram) from Jatka 78. The space will be divided into two parts - so there are two workshops running in parallel..

Once we are done with the conference, you should get ready for an after-party. In last three years, this was an integral partf ot the whole experience, and we belive this will happen again! Who is going to play?

PDF aka pouštěč dobrých fláků (anyone knows an English translation?) will take you through the vocal and little bit of deep house. On the other side you can expect funk & rap & disco. It depends on actual atmosphere and party feeling :)

DJ Gyd brings house beats of any kind to your ears, hips and feet. Your task is to move:)

Want to bring your friends who won't be at the conference? No problem! Everyone is welcome. Conference attendees go free, others will be asked to pay 100 CZK or 4 Euros.


Introducing our team.